Started in 2005 to act as an outsourced IT layer at Board level, essentially as a provider of IT Director services to small and medium businesses which did not require a full time individual fulfilling this role but still needed the strategic and budgetary guidance provided by such a person, e-Director is involved with a number of firms from a variety of sectors worldwide ranging from small 20-man operations up to multinational FTSE 250 companies.
From providing advice on budgets, staffing and resources for an internal IT department, e-Director can also audit services on any and all existing outsourced IT arrangements that you might have. By working on the principle that very often IT providers start to get too 'incumbent' a feel if left unchecked for too long, the same applying to internal staff as well, e-Director can help define and implement anything from a change to a maintenance strategy for extracting the best possible productivity levels from your IT resources.

Having developed expertise in multinational systems, telecommunications (both voice and data) and IT product distribution, e-Director is now providing the launch platform for a variety of companies with an exciting array of products and/or services to discover new markets.
Leveraging the significant professional and personal networks of the founding partners of e-Director FZC, the firm is now assisting technology companies to survey the potential for their products into the most exciting markets in Asia and the Middle East.