Amjid Salam


Having attended University College London and read Scandinavian Studies, began his career as a partner in Spear Systems - a computer manufacturing and trading company based in London in 1993.

Three years later he joined BTA, then an IT consultancy house based in London as Corporate Director. In charge of the development of blue chip clients, Amjid built a department of Consulting and Support professionals for the then burgeoning IT market in diverse segments such as Pharmaceuticals, Government, Management Consultancy, the Arts, and Media.

In helping BTA become a respected ISP, Amjid developed the skills in Data Telecommunications, Co-Location facilities and Multi-National Interconnectivity which serve him well today.

In 2005 he noticed a distinct change in the way that audits were affecting IT within companies, most notably that conflicts of interest were regularly being flagged up against IT firms which provided both advice and service.


With this in mind he started e-Director Limited in the UK providing advice not only in IT Strategy and Consultancy at Board level to a number of firms in a wide range of fields but also in assisting vendors as a distribution facilitator.


Amjid now fulfills a number of retainers held by e-Director throughout Europe and the Middle East and is assisting with the development of IT and Communications infrastructure in Afghanistan.